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Pratdip is a small village belonging to Baix camp along with Mont-roig del camp, Colldejou and Tivissa.

Strolling through the narrow streets of this small village’s historic centre one comes across two medieval defence towers and the Romanesque church of “Our Lady of Nativity”. The ruins of the castle, seen from all angles are the dominate feature, sat majestically on top of a rock in the highest part of the village. From here one can enjoy the best views of Pratdip and its surroundings. Another of Pratdip’s heritages is the legend associated with the “dip”. …little black dog considered by many in the past to be vampire. The writer Joan Perucho immortalized these vampires in his novel “Natural Stories”. Don’t hesitate to ask the “pratdipencs” about the legend.

The hotel is situated just on the outskirts of the pre-coastal mountain range of Serra Llaberia area of great natural interest. These mountains are formed by several villages from different regions, from Baix Camp (Pratdip and Colldejou), la Ribera d’Ebre (Tivissa) and Priorat (La Torre de Fontaubella, Marcà and Capçanes). Here one can enjoy different activities such as hiking, BTT or rock climbing.

One really must visit the village of Llaberia from which, the mountains receive their name. Following a windy road with spectacular views one comes to this little mountain village not so very long ago uninhabited. There you will find the Romanesque church of St John the Baptist as well as the monographic museum of rural transport one of the only of its kind in Catalonia. Just 2 km from Llaberia there is the 900m high peak called Miranda where the radar belonging to the weather station is located and from where one can observe the panoramic views of Camp Tarragona, Priorat, la Ribera d’Ebre and even Moncaro de los Puertos de Tortosa-Beseit.